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Afghan ICT Solution

 Afghan ICT Solution is a leading Information and Communication Technology specialist, founded in 2004, and is currently run by an expert management team with vast national and international experience and deep technological knowledge.


Mission &


Our mission is to deliver quality, world‐class products, services and innovative business and ICT solutions to our local and international clients using our in‐country expertise, strong team and extensive experience.


Our vision is to develop efficient and effective solutions that keep businesses up and running by combining our leading business strategy and ICT knowledge.

Our 6-Core Values



We believe in customer satisfaction and our values helps us reach our goals.



Our culture of teamwork allows us to combine quality and expertise of our pro staff to deliver optimum solutions to our customers.



Our commitment to professional excellence ensures that our customers receive the highest quality services and solutions.



We embrace the highest standards of ethical behavior in every aspect of our business.



We provide cutting edge and innovative products and solutions to help our customers to achieve their goals.



We ensure that we communicate openly, accurately and in a timely manner with our stakeholders

Why Choose Us?

It can be challenging to find a reliable IT supply company for a business. You need to ensure that the supplier is qualified enough to choose.

We value quality service; hence our strategy has been created to deliver it. We pay close attention to our clients’ requests and then give the necessary time, location, and supplies for the project. We take pride in our technical and creative prowess, which results from giving things the time they need to be done well. To ensure that the project will be successful, our Quality Assurance Team tests each step of the way.

We offer local support during business hours, Saturday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our team is available to assist you with any inquiries, concerns, or assistance you may need within our community during these hours. Please feel free to reach out to us during this time for prompt assistance.

Depending on the nature of client engagement, we provide them the most appropriate pricing model structure, which may be either fixed price based or time and effort based. We provide our clients with services at very competitive prices.

Over the years, we have managed small- to large-scale projects and delivered solutions for many different businesses of all kinds. Our long list of grateful clients serves as both a great source of recurring business and an outstanding reference for us.

To ensure that projects are delivered on time and under budget, we take the effort up front to properly understand your needs. Our process speeds up effective implementation, reduces uncertainty, and keeps the client updated on our end’s progress at all times.

We have years of education and experience and are innovative in our field to help giving your business the boost it needs.

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Over the years Afghan ICT has set a record as the following.

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We provide data, voice, video and monitoring solutions to our clients as well as help our clients to maintain a robust, safe and secure IT infrastructure.

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