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Afghan ICT can offer you high quality and reliable CCTV surveillance. CCTV is crucial for the safety of both people and assets. We cooperate with you to make sure you have a solution that is appropriate for your organization because we recognize that some businesses operate in rapidly changing environments.

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After evaluating your business property, we will recommend the best and most efficient solution for your unique needs. We will make sure that they are set in strategic locations to also serve as a clear and visible deterrent to attackers. All of our CCTV security cameras make use of the most recent digital recording services for a clear image, day or night, regardless of the time.

CCTV Monitoring Systems

We can provide 24-hour remote monitoring solutions in addition to standalone recordable CCTV cameras. These systems make use of IP cameras that connect to a monitoring station and allow for round-the-clock monitoring from any location in the world. To detect movement, these systems may also have external sensors. You have total control no matter where you are because the camera and operator can both instantaneously assess images and take any necessary action if necessary.

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We provide data, voice, video and monitoring solutions to our clients as well as help our clients to maintain a robust, safe and secure IT infrastructure.